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    Master's in Management of Applied Science

    The Master's in Management of Applied Science (MMASc) with speciality in Computer Science is a unique twelve-month comprehensive professional degree program. The goal of this program is to give students who are already trained in Computer Science or a closely related field the essential business, financial, and communication skills and specialized Computer Science expertise that will give them an edge in the very competitive technological market. Graduates of this program shall be well prepared to take on upper administrative, management, and supervisory roles in the information and technology industry.

    The only program of its kind in Canada. MMASc graduates enhance their professional skills and networks through course work and either an industrial Co-op Work Term or a Major Research Project. The four month Co-op gives students the opportunity to work in the IT industry and gives the the opportunity to create valuable industrial contacts.

    Students take specialized Computer Science courses and interdisciplinary core courses in areas of professionalization, including Professional Writing, Organizational Behavious, Digital Communication, Professional Communication, Managerial Finance, Marketing Management, Project Management, and Leadership and Organization. All core courses are designed to enhance professional development by providing education and training in areas relevant to professional careers. In addition, core courses provide an interdisciplinary environment and cohort that will enrich the experiences of students by exposing them to the perspectives of colleagues from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. This interdisciplinary exposure will support students in acquiring the knowledge and skills to be successful in existing and emerging professional careers.

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    or contact scimmasc@uwo.ca or call 519 661 2111 ext. 86501.