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    Microsoft Office


    Western students, staff, and faculty have free access to the entire Microsoft Office suite, for use both on campus workstations and home systems.

    Products Available

    Western's agreement with Microsoft includes versions of Office for PC and Mac systems, as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The Office suite includes:

    Your Office 365 account provides you with 10 licenses, allowing you to install Office on all of your home computers and mobile devices.


    Microsoft Office is available to all Western students, staff, and faculty.

    Obtaining Office

    The manner by which you obtain Office depends on where you want to use it:

    PC and Mac (at home)

    To download Office on your PC or Mac at home – or on a PC or Mac laptop that you take between home and campus – complete the following steps:

    1. Log in to Office 365.
    2. On the Welcome page, click the Install Office 2016 button in the top-right corner.
    Install Office 2016


    Note: For grad students, staff, and faculty wanting Office on their campus computers, see the next option below. Do not use your personal Office licenses for your campus systems.

    PC and Mac (on campus)

    If you are a grad student, staff member, or faculty member in the Computer Science Department wanting to install Office on a campus system that remains on campus at all times, please contact us, as we can arrange to install Office on your computer in a manner that does not use one of your personal licenses.

    Note: If you want Office installed on a laptop that you take off campus, you must use one of your personal licenses, as detailed in the option above.

    iOS (iPhones and iPads)

    You can download the individual Office apps from the App Store. Visit Microsoft's Office for iOS page for more information on the apps available to you and to obtain the download links.

    Android smartphones and tablets

    You can download the individual Office apps from Google Play. Visit Microsoft's Office for Android page for more information on the apps available to you and to obtain the download links.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I downloaded Office, but it doesn't have Microsoft Project or Visio. How do I obtain these applications?

    The Office suite does not include these applications. Computer Science students, staff, and faculty can obtain Project and Visio through the Microsoft Imagine program.