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    Microsoft Imagine


    Microsoft Imagine connects students with the tools, resources, and experiences they need to elevate their skills for today's working world. Whether it's building a game, designing an app, or launching a project, Microsoft Imagine helps students develop their ideas and boldly bring them to life.

    Products Available

    The Microsoft Imagine program provides access to a wide variety of Microsoft products, including:


    The Microsoft Imagine program is available to all students taking a Computer Science course, along with Computer Science staff and faculty.

    Accessing the Service 

    The Microsoft Imagine program is integrated with Western's single sign-on (SSO) service.  When you sign in to the Microsoft Imagine web site, you will be redirected back to Western's SSO system.  Be sure to log in with your Western username and password.

    Log in to Microsoft Imagine


    Frequently Asked Questions

    It says that I'm unauthorized to use this service. What do I do?

    If it is within the first two weeks of the semester

    Your account is not yet active.  Your account will be active within two weeks of the start of the semester.

    If you just added a Computer Science course within the last two weeks

    Your account is not yet active.  Your account will be active within two weeks of adding the course.

    If problems persist beyond two weeks of the start of the semester, please contact us.

    I don't see Microsoft Office available to download. Where do I get it?

    Microsoft Imagine includes access to several Microsoft Office products, including Access, Project, and Visio, but does not provide access to the entire Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

    However, as Western student, staff member, or faculty member, you can obtain free copies of the entire Microsoft Office suite through Office 365.