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    MSc Degree Requirements

    MSc Degree Requirements

    MSc in Computer Science

    Students must obtain credit in the required number of courses as specified below.


    A project normally involves the use of known techniques and concepts in the solution of a well-defined problem.A project report and public oral presentation are required.


    A thesis involves a written thesis and the public oral presentation and defence of an original contribution to a particular research area.

    For thesis students, thesis preparation and format, public lecture requirements and the procedure for examining the candidate and the thesis are covered in the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Thesis Regulation Guide. ( http://www.grad.uwo.ca/current_students/thesis_regulations/index.htm).


    Students must complete eight graduate courses as specified below. Please note that this option is not a normal route for entry into the PhD Program.

    In both projects and theses, topics are to be chosen so as to allow completion within a reasonable time, given the other degree requirements.

    MSc Course of Study

    Your course of study is determined by your supervisor in consultation with the Graduate Chair.

    Terminology: An MSc graduate course is a 9500, 9600, or 9800 level Computer Science course.

    Thesis Option:

    • Students must complete four graduate courses:
      • At most one course can be an MSc reading course (9800-level). Each professor has their own assigned number.
      • At most one 9500-level course.

    Project Option:

    • Students must complete six graduate courses:
      • At most one course can be an MSc reading course (9800-level).
      • At most two 9500-level courses.

    • In addition, students must complete:
      • Project

    Course-Work Option

    • Students must complete eight graduate courses:
      • * Directed Study (Milestone)
      • At most one reading course (9800-level).
      • At most two courses at the graduate level may be taken outside the department, with permission of the Graduate Chair.

    *Directed Study
    This course evaluates a student's ability to perform scholarly work and to communicate a result in a written and oral form. This is a one-term supervised research course. This is not intended to be literature survey. A report and public oral presentation are required. All coursework students must take this course. It is not open to thesis or project students.  Students must find a faculty member to supervise this course.